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Listing of French Wedding PLanners

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What does a Wedding Planner Do ?

A wedding planner consults with the to-be bride and groom and according to the feedback that he receives from them, takes care of:

* Ordering the flowers, hiring a photographer, musician and other service providers for the wedding. It is the job of the wedding planner to deal with the various vendors and see that he can get the best possible rates from different vendors for his clients.

* Wedding planners usually have a great sense of fashion and this helps them to ensure that everything is tasteful and color coordinated for the wedding. They are responsible for ensuring that the theme of the wedding is reflected in all aspects of the wedding. Right from the design on the napkins, to the place settings, the flowers, and to the wedding dress; everything should be in sync with each other and it is the job of the wedding planner to ensure that.

olivier_lalin_Photography_wedding_planner_wedding_Paris_south of France
* The wedding planner manages the money and ensures that the wedding is according to budget.

In short, a wedding planner is a mediator, a consultant, a sounding board, an organizer, an artisan and a financial advisor all rolled into one. And sometimes they even turn out to be a punching bag when nerves get frazzled (figuratively speaking), even though their job description definitely does not call for it!

So here is a List of selected Wedding Planners in France mostly based in Paris and South of France

www.mariagedanslair.com - Paris

www.feteinfrance.com - Paris

www.piecemontee.com - Paris

www.wedding-corporation.com - Paris

www.coteblanc.com - Paris

www.montecarloweddings.com - Monaco

www.abracadabra-evenements.com - Paris

www.weddingandco.com - Paris

www.monplusbeaujour.com- Paris

www.aava-communication.com - Villeneuve Loubet

www.anne-ager.com - Antibes

www.jlb-events.com - Paris

www.mgweddingplanner.com - Geneva


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