Tuesday, 26 June 2007

French style Celebrity wedding

Posted by Olivier Lalin -
I realized this morning walking down the streets of Paris that my last weekend wedding in Chantilly had made the news !! Although it was supposed to stay VERY PRIVATE. IT is making the cover of most Paparazzi decent and other French Publications.
Here is the very Flamboyant cover of ICI PARIS! With my partner thierry and I
snapping away in one of the cover photo - Funny.... I did hear the paparazzi screaming for the photographers to move out of the way at some point - Must have been us ..I wonder!

We took some quite beautiful pictures of the Day which unfortunately will stay in my draws. None of the photos are to be viewed by the Public! So get Ici Paris while it is stil hot!
Chantilly is a great Location. You can always contact
Carole Desmetz about hosting your own wedding at the Castle.