Sunday, 15 June 2008

Sweet words from Matt Bites

I am a blogger -
blogging has been a thrilling experience this past year.
I do blog about photography and weddings. This is what I do best ...
I do not read much about other wedding related blogs these days.

I LOVE reading other blogs - mainly related to a few
interest I have such as decor/design.
I will only cite Decor 8 , Apartment Therapy
and Hostress with the Mostress as examples.
Simply creative and Fun!
I do have a passion for Food as well - And there are a lot of very creative bloggers
out there in Food blogging.
Everyone is passionate about their "gift-Talent" and shares its little slice of happiness through the web for us all to rave about.
Chocolate and Zucchini is one of my favorite food
blog as well as David Lebovitz in Paris.
Matt Bites
is yet another of my "FAVE" blog to read. It is just very creative and inspirational.
Matt's blog is filled with Food, photography, Wit and Style.
And I love all four...

I received this little email from Matt Bites this morning ! I am flattered ...

"... Hello there, this is Matt Armendariz from I just
wanted to say thank you for leaving a comment a while back, you really
brought a smile to my face. And you also introduced me to your
photography and MAN OH MAN! Your work is beyond beautiful. Seriously,
it's just so amazing and I have been looking at it over and over
again. It's totally dreamy.
Matt Bites