Monday, 30 November 2009

Portrait Olivier Lalin

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One of my bride was kind enough to send me a photo of myself & her wedding photographer.
It was taken by a guest at one of my summer weddings in France @ Chateau de Champlatreux.
It shows the "Man at work": Happy, relaxed, goofy, enjoying a wonderful day.
I am showing this picture not so much to prove my good look but rather to convey the mood of a professional photographer at work!
I always tell my brides that they should make sure to book a photographer who loves his wedding work and does not photograph weddings only to pay the bills. i believe a wedding photographer has to be passionate about his craft in order to excel at the task at hand. Like a good wine, twenty years of experience transcend into a jolly fellow whose job ( his passion ) has become second nature. It is most important to get everyone to simply enjoy the photographer's company very quickly. Only then will you forget the fact that you are being photographed.
That's when magic happens!

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