Saturday, 7 July 2007

Trash the Dress in Paris!

Posted by Olivier lalin -
"Trash the Dress: BRIDES NEEDED IN PARIS!"
So the Ads Go even in the City of Light- I am mesmerized ...
I have been asked recently whether i would be interested to photograph what I believe is now commonly called a "Trash the dress session" or an extreme session !
And I was like " HUM, I think you have the wrong number !!! "
But no please call me back... I did some research again and yes it is all over the internet. Call me a Classic, I hope not too old style French photographer.
The tradition of saving wedding gowns for future offspring is being broken.
Modern brides, in the US (as reported recently in The New York Times), are giving up those sugar-plum ideals and opting to roll around in the dirt or pose with guns in their hands. It's all for the sake of a good picture and a lasting memory.
Some Blog are now dedicated to the new trend. You will see some fun images there
trash the dress
and like this website I have been pointed at by a friend more and more wedding photographers are making a great marketing tool out of it !!
The photo below is taken from ALTF photography in California.Love the images, really think it is quite beautiful. I have always been quite adventurous with my wedding photography but there are certains things that you cannot do on a wedding day ( I have realized in my New York City wedding photographic carreer. Regardless, I am going to jump on this new trend and propose my brides to trash the dress afterwards, and sure Paris would be an excellent location, excuse for a sexy week-end and the occasion to come up with some amazing portraits. Remember is it only a few hours away from the big Apple...
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