Friday, 24 August 2007

Nikon D3 for Wedding Photographer

Posted by Olivier Lalin -

I am a Nikon photographer. I moved to Digital three years ago. Have been using a couple of D2x which has been the High end Nikon digital tool for a year now! And I have just been told that Nikon is releasing a D3 with a full chip now competing with the Canon mark3 that just came out as well. I am kind of exiting at the news. Have been online reading the latest news from Nikon, ect ...

One little comment though: This new gadget cost $ 5,000
It is proven to efficiently work for 300 000 Clicks. Now considering that one can shoot at 11 frame second: Lets say that one might shoot continually at 11 frames second
Correct me if I am wrong but well that would make:

300000/11)=27272,727 seconds Life spam
or (27272/60)=454,545 minutes life spam
or (454.545/60)=7,57 hours !

Ouhhhaa That would make it my new very expensive Tool !! Thanks Nikon
"more info on the D3 here"

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