Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Turning a page on 2007 and Looking forward to another excellent New Year

Posted by Olivier Lalin -
I just got back to Paris for a little while - Have spent the New Year with my wife, my new born son and family in Normandy - It has been a magnificent Year indeed both professionally and in my personal life. Lots of Travels, interesting projects, Great weddings in the US and Europe -
Then I did get married in Jamaica in March and Pierre is now a month old.
I have just looked at my mail and already i have wedding queries for 2008 as well as a couple of interesting shoots coming up- I am Blessed really....
Looking forward to spending more time with the people I cherish as well as making new friends -
My Brides have been wonderful! Blink to Pia, Kira, Melanie, Karen, Kimberly, Susan, Andrea, Laura, Marie, Francesca and everyone else.
Just a Big HUG and very much looking forward to more Adventures. Back in New York Soon.
And by the way, I am now on Facebook.
more later