Monday, 28 July 2008

The French and wedding photography

Sometimes when I speak to potential client for some wedding photography in Paris, they love my work but would like me to justify the price.

And here is where I find myself trying to explain to my client WHY... !
I always say that unfortunately not everyone can afford a Ferrari or a Louis Vuitton bag. Same goes for a wedding photographer's work though or rather photographer who will cover your wedding with style, passion and reverence for the couple and act of marriage. ( I dislike using the name "wedding photographer" in France as it is somehow underrated! ).

The fact of the matter is that outstanding wedding photography in France is a rare thing. Somehow the French are not willing to pay the price for beautiful wedding imageries, fall for the mass market product and take risk with their wedding photography. Strange thing really when you think of the history of photography in France back in the 50's and 60's with names like Cartier Bresson and Robert Doisneau.

Only today with the digital era, it seems that everyone is a photographer. Don't get me wrong, I consider my pricing to be very fair, and I Do enjoy the competition but I would love that some clients understand why that Louis Vuitton bag has that price. Same goes for the few of us who have dedicated some 15 years of their professional life to wedding photography to bring the theme to an "Art form".

With that said, I kind of feel sad about the way the wedding photography market is going in France, not so much due to the many " overnight wedding photographer " who claimed they had talent soon after purchasing their first digital camera and probably never processed a roll of Film but the fact that only a hand full understand that quality has a price.
France is renowned for its Luxury goods worldwide and I wish I could see more " Coco Chanel look alike " walking down the streets of St Germain.
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