Saturday, 10 May 2008

Wedding digital photography enhancement

I am going to try to be concise in this post!
Digital file enhancement is quite an intricate topic that would deserve a more lengthy discussion.
You would commonly process a digital RAW file with bridge or Adobe Lightroom and bring back Colors, range of tones and sharpness in order to optimize the file for printing. This is what a professional wedding photographer would do!

For the Bride, make sure you ask your wedding photographer actually, if he shoots JPG or RAW format. I would say 60% use JPG and those guys, you should keep away from!

For Photographers, as long as you work with a Raw file, you will for sure obtain ( with a bit of training ) some great printing results. Again JPG is just good enough for the web and doesn't have the necessary data to optimize your print quality.

I do like to push the envelope a step further though and play with the images some more. Like a painter with your photoshop brush, you can further enhance each photos to your liking. This is a wonderful way to be creative, tweaking the color a touch more, as well as the saturation to obtain some Blue tones or pastel looking images. You might want to convert to Black and white as well and recreate the grain that we loved so much with film, add a sepia tone, a selenium look to the images or add a texture to give the photo a unique look.
So called artistic image manipulation where each of the images is individually retouched and manipulated to achieve dramatic artist effect.

I used to spend hours in the darkroom working on a print.Photoshop has replaced the chemicals and acids that you used for toning.
Great for your lungs and terrible for your eyes :(

Below are a few sample images that have been custom processed one by one.

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Wedding gown designed by Vera Wang

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