Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Boudoir photography in Paris

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To many, boudoir photography is considered the art of visually capturing beautiful, sensuous and sexy photos of regular women. Age (as long as you are of minimum legal age), how thin, how tall, doesn’t matter. Boudoir comes from the French word to 'pout or sulk' and refers to a woman's dressing room, bedroom or private sitting room so the terminology goes. The purpose of boudoir photography is to make women look great.
Boudoir photography somehow became very popular in the U.S a few years back along side the "trash the dress" style wedding photography.
Call it a "Nouveau genre" that somehow has not quite picked up in Paris yet.
I wonder why?
Here is a little collection of my last Boudoir session in Paris thanks to the help of Brigitte and Tina for Hair and Make up!
Lingerie by fifi chachnil in Paris.

Lingerie by designer fifi chachnil.
Fifi Chachnil award winning lingerie designs are highly sought after around the world. Fifi Chachnil first started her lingerie collection in 1996 and immediately started selling to boutiques in Tokyo,
New York and London. Fifi's famous lingerie label is well known for her glourious feminine designs, her sense of humour combined with style. Her passion for music, romance, fashion and theatre have all been influences, she says. Make sure you visit one of her two store @ 231 rue Saint Honoré or 68 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Both stores located in the first arrondissement.

boudoir photography in Paris, intimate portrait, women nude photography

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