Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Stylish & Creative photographer

We do get tons of queries for private portraits and weddings!
It sometimes seems to be a challenge though to explain that what we do is just a little bit more then a few clicks in front of a tree when it comes down to Private portraits, events and wedding affairs. I do Love digital photography but in a way it devaluated
the Craftmenship & Talent of a professional photographer. Everyone is a photographer these days it seems - It can be a bit frustrating at time to explain the added value that a "Full Bodied" photographer can may bring to your affair- It is like a good wine I guess as we mature with age, we gain experience and still sharpen our eye. To the many young digital wedding photographers starting up coming to me for advice, there is no secret to learn i am afraid, no tricks for this or tricks for that ! 10 000 hours of flying time will get you to relax and stop thinking as you take a picture ~!
And no tricks either to learn how to photograph an intimate wedding or a 400 guest happening.
Meanwhile a little slideshow of a defile at the Louvre this morning!

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photographe © Olivier Lalin © photographer
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