Friday, 23 October 2009

Yann et Marlene au Chateau de Villiers le Mahieu

photographe mariage paris, wedding photographer france, destination weddnig paris, photo mariage classique, noir et blanc, tri-x rolleiflexWe were invited to Friends wedding a few weeks back.
The Chateau de Villiers le Mahieu where the wedding was hold brought back memories,
a sense of "Deja Vu" as i soon realized I had photographed a wedding there a long time ago,
it seemed anyway!
Regardless, my friend Marlene had asked me to take a few photos of the preparation and her getting ready. She had asked for film and i captured a few moments with some TriX, a 35mm nikon and my rolleiflex. I do not usually photograph Friends weddings but when Yann called me back a few weeks before the wedding day and asked me again, I said yes...
The wedding was great. Yann was my assistant for a while and i was so glad to see those two finally get married.
Off they went to Malaysia for their honeymoon... and my little family to more adventures.

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