Friday, 28 August 2009

Picasso thoughts and photography

award winning, best wedding photographer, Lifetime of experience, destination wedding photographer I often seem to get people I meet saying : " If only i had known about your photography when i got married ! My wedding photographer was such a disappointment.
What can I say ...
I just received this email actually ".... When we got married last July, our photographer had a family emergency and told us 3 days before our wedding that he was not able to be there. Therefore, we ended up with the only photographer available. Although our photographs are nice, they are not our style. We love art and fashion and for photographs we love journalistic/artistic style-like Olivier!!! ..." Sweet but unfortunately too late.
I often think of this story of Picasso. He was sitting outside one day and a woman passing by asked if he would do a quick sketch of her likeness. When he was done the lady asked how much she owed, and he said, “That will be $2000 please.” The lady said, “For 20 minutes of your time?” And he said, “No, for a lifetime of experience.”
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