Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Olivier Lalin Weddings in London

IT is quite simple, London ROCKS!

We have decided to export our little "Luxury wedding photography business" to London and England. After traveling the world for some 20 Years, we are again getting one step away from home! I was in Hyde Park with friends on a beautiful day last week. It hasn't changed a bit from the time I was a student, doing a degree in visual arts. I graduated in 87, assisted commercial photographers for a couple of years and off I went to Australia. I couldn't take the London drizzle anymore.
And today, thanks to global warming, the drizzle has gone, spring has arrived and London is a strikingly interesting city that so much reminds me of New York. You will find a similar energy and comospolitan edge to it which Paris is lacking.

You can now reach us directly on our London new phone number at : + 44 ( 0 ) 20.3239.5316

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