Monday, 5 March 2007

An American wedding Planner In "The Gaule Country"

Posted By Olivier Lalin -
Who would believe that Wedding & Event planning is a growing industry in France as well - I met up with Anne Mulvihill this morning. Anne is born and raised on the east coast, fall in Love while she was working at L'oreal, U.S. Started Fête ( with an accent ) in Paris three years ago, catering for foreigners getting married in France. What a great idea - Did you know that In France, you must be married by a civil authority first before you can be married in a place of worship. To be married in France by the civil authorities at least one member of the couple must reside in France for 40 days prior to the civil marriage. What we suggest is to be married in a civil ceremony in your home country first and bring those documents with you when you come to France.

So you might want to contact Anne Mulvihill directly if you are seriously considering getting married in this beautiful country of mine.
There is always a great bottle of wine laying around somewhere ! One of the many reasons why we love this Country so much.

Meanwhile here are Anne's info
99, rue de Sèvres - 75006 Paris
From the US & Canada dial: 011 33 6 72 15 22 69

And a little definition of "The Gaule Country"in Wikipedia

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