Sunday, 4 March 2007

Drifting away to being Pampered

Posted by Olivier Lalin -
This is the blog of a French wedding photographer who loves being pampered. You might think that i am getting carried away.
But NOT really, shooting a wedding is very demanding physically and mentally. I give myself 150% and the next day is a day off. What i would call quality time, basically spent away from my computer uploading files and retouching images. I would make sure I take a day off after returning from a wedding and would usually spend the afternoon at a Hamam and might even go to Spa.
So if you happen to be shooting within a 1,000 miles from Paris- I would try to get to " La Grande Mosquee de Paris " the next day. This is the BEST. As to NYC, i've just found this Listing on NYC Spa's from Allure Magazine. Hum, I might want to try something new next week!
And by the way, There is a Spa for Men Only - IT is a French Company -
( under cathegory : Tip for MEN Photographers and everyone else + no need to borrow the pooddle from the girl next door
- Nickel Spa -
77 Eighth Ave.
at 14th St.
Owned by the eponymous upscale French cosmetics company, this chic two-floor behemoth is the only spa in the New York city that caters exclusively to men. Get pretty much anything you want here, from massages ($55 and up) to a love-handle wrap ($95) and the standard facial ($55), manicure ($20), and pedicure ($25) hat trick.

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