Saturday, 3 March 2007

Park Avenue Rocks !

Posted by Olivier Lalin -

Little note on Park avenue - as I have photographed quite a few weddings at location like the Waldork Astoria, The W Hotel or The Council on Foreign Relations. I love Park Avenue weddings. When Comes the time of formals,the wedding party gets together, I have the best of New York at our doorsteps. As i said in other posts, there are many ways to photograph formals. The style is often discussed beforehand with wedding planners. IT could be done any style though, it si all about your vision. The location is important, sure - but it is about YOU and the way the photographer interact with a group. As a matter of fact, any streets of New York is just a great backdrop for photos. Here are a few of Sarah and Marcy's wedding at The Council on Foreign Relations at 58 E. 68th St., on Park Ave - "bien sure" - Simply great Fun... The street is almost "empty" on weekend, left to wedding photographers to use and abuse of ...

And even MUCH later, as i was looking for images, I realized that there was a group of girls standing outside, drinking wine and smoking the Cigarette. That was too good to be true and i had to indulge in more fun before the party was over !

photographe © Olivier Lalin © photographer

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