Saturday, 24 March 2007

Wedding Destination: Glamis Castle

Posted by Olivier Lalin -

Five miles from Forfar, in the fertile valley of Strathmore, is the quaint village of Glamis.

Glamis is set in the rolling hills of Angus, approximately 20km from the North Sea, in an area of considerable ancient history. Whilst the village is home to a curious old stone, said to be a monument to King Malcolm II, and some attractive eighteenth-century cottages, its most notable attribute is the grandeur of Glamis Castle. The castle was the childhood home of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the queen mother.

The modern visitor approaching the Highland Castle for the first time cannot but draw breath in admiration as he journeys down the mile-long avenue rich in colour, flanked in spring by swathes of yellow and cream daffodils, or the colours in the rows of autumn trees.

Trying to keep warm in Jamaica right now and thinking about warmer days in Scotland to come.
Meanwhile here is a group Portrait with Bridesmaids of King George the 5th and Queen Mary's Wedding.

and a few Years later, a Mug shot of Prince Charles and Diana's Wedding -
What went wrong - Do love the british though!