Sunday, 7 January 2007

Advice for a Bride

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Posted by Olivier Lalin -
As i said before, i feel very privileged to perform my "photographic Art" amongst so much Joy and Happiness. I love my craft that has allowed me to grow as a human being and constantly learn to become better at what i do and who i am. I photographed Michael and Trina's wedding in New York and consequently photographed Doug and Ali's wedding ( on the right ) a few years later in Washington, DC this time. When i decided to redesign my web site i contacted trina and Ali's to ask them if they would mind writing a few lines about me. I would like to share those line with everyone and once more thank Trina and Ali for having taken the time and to think back in retrospect a few years later about their wedding photographer!

"...Olivier embodies everything a discerning bride would want. He has a great instinct for capturing candid and tender moments, and he brings out the best in even the most camera-shy guests. Most importantly, Olivier delivers incredible results. He has a great talent for bringing the mood of the day to life again in pictures in a natural, unforced way and follows up with the exquisite printing and layout that make a wedding album not only a treasured keepsake, but a stunning photographic collection. I clearly could not have been happier to have Olivier part of my wedding!..." Trina

"...I cannot say how much we love our wedding photographs. Olivier's photos captured our wedding day both creatively and beautifully. He has a unique artistic style that is very special. Olivier was able to make everyone feel at ease and all of our guests loved him. The quality and artistry of his work is simply excellent and beautiful..." Ali

I am myself soon to get married to Yanique in Paris. We have known each others for the past two years and i have seen our love growing tremendously over time. I now feel blessed because i finally have found the woman of my dreams and i cannot wait to share those many years to come with my princess. Having said that, it is time that i send a little hello to Trina and Ali
and i would love them to may be come and share this wonderful day with me, my family and friends as i believe that photographing Trina's and Ali's wedding created very special bounds.

Trina was wearing a beautiful wedding dress designed by Jane Wilson-Marquis in New York city.

42 East 76th St.
New York, NY 10028
tel: 212 452-5335
fax: 646 383-7822
She is Wonderful. I love her dresses and her british accent.

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