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Toros, my Black and White printer in Paris

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I was back in Paris a few weeks ago and met up with Toros at Toros Lab who has been my close collaborator as well as a dear Friend since the beginning 90’s. Toros has printed all of my fine art work as well as many of my weddings through out the years.

Black and White printing might be a dying art form but when you enter the doors of the " sanctuary " at 20 rue marie-stuart in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris, you cannot help being quiet for an instant and simply contemplate 40 years of photography on the walls. Toros's collection of some of the best Photographer’s work on the planet would make curators from the M.O.M.A simply very jealous.

I will only mention Henri Cartier Bresson, Andre Kertez, Joseph Kudelka ( One of my all time favorite ) as well as jean Marquis who photographed Alberto Giacometti in the 50’s, Marie Daurigny who Toros says she is a very courageous woman photographer, Mark Arbeit who moved back to Hawai and is having a baby very soon - Great Mark!

I found Toros retouching a serie of large Black and white exhibition prints taken by Marie Laure De Decker taken in the late 70’s in Tchad. I was asking him about one of his memories of a special moment he recalled with one of our piers, I wanted some names and he said: “ Olivier lalin of course – I loved his Moulin rouge serie ! A couple of the Moulin Rouge prints are hanged on the wall actually right behind the portrait that Gerard took of Toros and I – He is simply wonderful, I love him, he is such a warm human being and a wonderful talent. So if you are looking for one of the last tycoon of Black and White photography while a visit in Paris or simply have a keen interest of photography in general, just stop by and say hello. I guarantee a memorable experience.

Toros And I In Paris over Christmas

As i was talking to my friend, i heard a young photographer saying at the counter to Gerard his assistant of 20 years:
" C'est tres agreable chez vous "
Translation: " I find your place very pleasant "

20 rue Marie-Stuart, 75002 Paris
Tel: + 1 40 26 00 50


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