Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Digital Versus Film in wedding photography - Lets get it right

Posted by Olivier Lalin -

After spending a good 15 years shooting film for my weddings and photography in general, I decided to move digital for Color which I am now so exited about ( after having struggled a great deal I admit ) – It gives me a flexibility, a sense of freedom, and security that I never had before – I have always been the type of photographer who would want to process his film in the middle of the jungle to make sure that I was on the right track.

With digital photography, I can now view the images straight away and afford to be more creative. I have dedicated a lot of hours to work flow, photoshop and printing techniques to achieve a result which I am now confident is even better than film for color photography. Regardless, I still use Film and specifically Kodak Tri X for Black and White mainly because I know that no one is ever going to be able to match this quality and spc. The Look of a Black and White argentic image in digital photography. I do love the grain, the quality of the contrast and density that you do obtain if you produce what is commonly called a hand-made print on a beautiful B&W printing paper as again to a machine print. And again, I love using medium format cameras for portraits as well as panoramic format hasselblad camera that do only take film. In a way, I juggle with “ the Old and the New “ to create the best product possible.

I am very proud of my Classical background and thanks ! I have been able to follow the ever changing technologies. I would just want to say that there are not one medium better than the other, rather you have to be able to understand and use the best of both world – and that is where 18 years of experience comes along !!
In a future Blog, I will introduce you to a partner of 15 years and one of my best friend: Toros from Toros Lab in Paris who is one of the most respected fine art Black and White printer in the world.

But more later ....

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