Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Follow up on the 300 serie wedding Album Lay out

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This is just a little complement from a couple of posts ago! Just wanted to introduce another example of presenting Album pages for the 300 Flush Album type serie.So,here are a few images from Conner and Brad's wedding in New York.Enjoy and any comments, do not hesitate to connect!

photographe © Olivier Lalin © photographer

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Lets call it - Picture of the week!

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I am just going to post a single picture here and there that i Love ! Aiming at simply showing the beauty of Wedding photography.


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photographe © Olivier Lalin © photographer
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Wedding Albums - The 300 Serie - It's all about presentation

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Hi again, I just wanted to say a few things today about wedding albums. It is a very important topic - Albums are there to last a life time and be passed on to the next generation.I provide my clients with pictures and albums that are unique to them rather than quick, cookie-cutter packages cranked out on an assembly line. All of my Albums are high end products, personalized, upscale Leather bound produced by a Book Binder. I have a selection of different styles of Albums that i do offer to my clients. My Albums are what i would call the Louis Vuitton of wedding albums, far away from simply "sticking" a picture on a page, commonly used for economic reasons. So, once I receive your selection of the images you wish to include in an album, I would do a precise lay out, page after page, using different formats as well as sizes of the photos on the paper and mixing Black and White and Color to create the story of your wedding day.

CLICK Photo To Enlarge

I thought it might be a good idea to show you a few examples of lay out below. Those pages are taken from the wedding of Ali and Doug in washington, DC - Here is a link to my web page for you to see a larger view of Type of Wedding Album that we produce. You can go to to download a PDF for the price list of the albums as well-

I wanted to include the definition of a word that i particularly like in French and in english which is an "Artisan" or a "Craftsman".
This is what wedding photography is all about !! And i can just see my friend Laurent who's going to say " Right On !"

Definitions of craftsman on the Web:
a professional whose work is consistently of high quality; "as an actor he was a consummate craftsman"
a creator of great skill in the manual arts; "the jewelry was made by internationally famous craftsmen"
a skilled worker who practices some craft
The Craftsman style (1905-1930) is named for Gustav Stickley's magazine The Craftsman. It is the architectural facet of the Arts and Crafts movement of that period. It was a fundamental tenet of Arts and Crafts advocates that form should follow function; good design and hand craftsmanship should supplant useless ornamentation and shoddy "industrial" workmanship.

The Album I am presenting to you right now is called the 300 serie. The Prints are actually flushed to the pages. They come in Horizontal as well as vertical format. You will find all the info on weddinglight with prices. For more information, please contact our studios directly in N.Y.C or Paris. Yanique or I would be delighted to answer any more questions you might have.
I will discuss other type of wedding albums in a later blog.
Until then, Keep Warm everyone!

Learn more about my line of Wedding albums

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Tuesday, 27 February 2007

A wedding at The Essex House

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A few pictures of Danielle and Dwayne's wedding at the Essex House, New York City

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