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Taken at the Golden Unicorn in N.Y.C for a Gourmet traveller story on Chinatown.

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This post is for all my brides, present and future who appreciate some good old English sense of humor: I have just received this link to www.derekpyephotography.com from my dear friend Ben Rice in London who is also a photographer (my old boss back in my assisting days as a young man in London, a long time ago). He has this incredible dry yet witty sense of humor that I miss and so many people adore.

Anyways as the link alludes to; Derek is supposedly a wedding photographer based from London, who for the lack of a better explanation "really dislikes" weddings and has no love for this Art form. Derek Pye basically represents every bride's nightmare, when it comes to wedding photography. But if the stress from planning for one of the most important days in your life tries to overwhelm you, his website is a place to go to for laughs.

When I started shooting from NYC some 7 years ago, we were probably only 15 wedding " wedding photographers " very dedicated to our brides! Today you will find some 350 photographers to chose from with prices going from $1,500 to $25,000. But if you have a visual culture and understand a craftsman's work; in the long run it is well worth it, to hire someone with the professionalism and passion that I have.

Some people might consider me to be a high-end wedding photographer, but I can assure you that I have been performing my craft for the past 18 years, and you can count on delivery of the highest magnitude.

A good wedding photographer first has to understand the personality of not just the bride but also of family and friends, so as to know how to get them trusting and relaxing in his presence from the very beginning. Again, it is all about trust, there has to be a certain, “professional chemistry” involved.

Having said that I will give a 10% discount to any bride who’s the first to bring me back to London! Really, it is time I have a drink with my old pal Ben!
you can view Ben Rice's work at www.benrice.com


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Toros, my Black and White printer in Paris

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I was back in Paris a few weeks ago and met up with Toros at Toros Lab who has been my close collaborator as well as a dear Friend since the beginning 90’s. Toros has printed all of my fine art work as well as many of my weddings through out the years.

Black and White printing might be a dying art form but when you enter the doors of the " sanctuary " at 20 rue marie-stuart in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris, you cannot help being quiet for an instant and simply contemplate 40 years of photography on the walls. Toros's collection of some of the best Photographer’s work on the planet would make curators from the M.O.M.A simply very jealous.

I will only mention Henri Cartier Bresson, Andre Kertez, Joseph Kudelka ( One of my all time favorite ) as well as jean Marquis who photographed Alberto Giacometti in the 50’s, Marie Daurigny who Toros says she is a very courageous woman photographer, Mark Arbeit who moved back to Hawai and is having a baby very soon - Great Mark!

I found Toros retouching a serie of large Black and white exhibition prints taken by Marie Laure De Decker taken in the late 70’s in Tchad. I was asking him about one of his memories of a special moment he recalled with one of our piers, I wanted some names and he said: “ Olivier lalin of course – I loved his Moulin rouge serie ! A couple of the Moulin Rouge prints are hanged on the wall actually right behind the portrait that Gerard took of Toros and I – He is simply wonderful, I love him, he is such a warm human being and a wonderful talent. So if you are looking for one of the last tycoon of Black and White photography while a visit in Paris or simply have a keen interest of photography in general, just stop by and say hello. I guarantee a memorable experience.

Toros And I In Paris over Christmas

As i was talking to my friend, i heard a young photographer saying at the counter to Gerard his assistant of 20 years:
" C'est tres agreable chez vous "
Translation: " I find your place very pleasant "

20 rue Marie-Stuart, 75002 Paris
Tel: + 1 40 26 00 50


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Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Digital Versus Film in wedding photography - Lets get it right

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After spending a good 15 years shooting film for my weddings and photography in general, I decided to move digital for Color which I am now so exited about ( after having struggled a great deal I admit ) – It gives me a flexibility, a sense of freedom, and security that I never had before – I have always been the type of photographer who would want to process his film in the middle of the jungle to make sure that I was on the right track.

With digital photography, I can now view the images straight away and afford to be more creative. I have dedicated a lot of hours to work flow, photoshop and printing techniques to achieve a result which I am now confident is even better than film for color photography. Regardless, I still use Film and specifically Kodak Tri X for Black and White mainly because I know that no one is ever going to be able to match this quality and spc. The Look of a Black and White argentic image in digital photography. I do love the grain, the quality of the contrast and density that you do obtain if you produce what is commonly called a hand-made print on a beautiful B&W printing paper as again to a machine print. And again, I love using medium format cameras for portraits as well as panoramic format hasselblad camera that do only take film. In a way, I juggle with “ the Old and the New “ to create the best product possible.

I am very proud of my Classical background and thanks ! I have been able to follow the ever changing technologies. I would just want to say that there are not one medium better than the other, rather you have to be able to understand and use the best of both world – and that is where 18 years of experience comes along !!
In a future Blog, I will introduce you to a partner of 15 years and one of my best friend: Toros from Toros Lab in Paris who is one of the most respected fine art Black and White printer in the world.

But more later ....

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Monday, 8 January 2007

Wedding Mapper

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I have just been pointed to a wedding website called wedding mapper.It was built to make it fun, easy, and affordable for you to map out your wedding, ensuring that your guests have all the information they need in order to have a great time at your wedding. It is a free site, and you can pay $ 19 to remove advertizing if you wish!
I like the graphics, it is actually lots of fun and easy to use. And no one, photographer included will ever get lost. Very sweet ...



Destination weddings - Love it

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I have just spoken to a Bride who is getting married in St Vincent in August 2007. She was inquiring about my availability and whether I wouldn’t mind traveling to the Caribbean for the wedding. As a matter of fact, most of my weddings are Destination weddings.

I do travel worldwide to photograph weddings in the most exquisite locations. This is such a Bliss. Not only did I managed to make a career out of a passion but I am getting paid to travel to destinations where I would probably never have been otherwise. Destination weddings takes a bit more organization with logistics, ect - But I love the “adventure” aspect of a destination wedding. I do need a budget for my assistant unless guests do not exceed 100. I usually spend three days with the wedding party that gives me lots of time to produce wonderful images. Then if I am lucky, I will stay an extra day. In St Vincent, I will probably end up staying another week and relax before the wedding season begins in NYC.

Listed below are a few of my favorite destination resorts and hotels.

- One And Only Resort
- One And Only Resort

North Male’ Atoll
Phone :+ 960 664 88 00
1 866 552 0001 ( toll free US )

Paradise Island
Phone : 242 363 2501
1 888 528 7157 ( toll free US )

- YCW Tamarindo

Kilometro 7.5 Carretera Barra de Navidad
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco,
C.P. 48970, México
Phone: 52.315.351.5031
Fax: 52.315.351.5070

- Villa et Jardins Ephrussi de Rothschild

06230 Saint Jean Cap Ferrat
Phone : +
Fax +

- Adare Manor Hotel & Golf Resort

Adare, Co. Limerick, Ireland.
Phone: +353 61 396566
Fax: +353 61 396124

- Hotel du cap - Eden Roc

Boulevard JF Kennedy
06601 Antibes
Phone: 33 (0)4 93 61 39 01

- Caesar Augustus

Baia di Napoli
Isola di Capri
Phone : +39 081 8373395
Fax : ++39 081 8371444

Wedding Photographer France

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Sunday, 7 January 2007

How does a wedding photographer find inspiration

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I have just purchased a book over christmas. The Audrey Hepburn Treasures, Published by Simon & Schuster,inc. I am thinking about this particular book because one of my Bride has the same grace, elegance, warmth and generosity. Trina was running on the streets of NYC with Michael her husband and friends in my previous blog. The first photo was taken by Howell Conant in 1958 at a dress fitting with Hubert de Givenchy- her life friend and confident - The second was taken by Anthony Beauchamp circa 1950 in london. Those two portraits of Audrey are very simple, quite straight forward and at the same time very classic and breathtakingly beautiful. I try to apply those principle to my wedding photography.

It is all about warmth, simplicity and trust.By the way, you may want to purchase this book

Advice for a Bride

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As i said before, i feel very privileged to perform my "photographic Art" amongst so much Joy and Happiness. I love my craft that has allowed me to grow as a human being and constantly learn to become better at what i do and who i am. I photographed Michael and Trina's wedding in New York and consequently photographed Doug and Ali's wedding ( on the right ) a few years later in Washington, DC this time. When i decided to redesign my web site i contacted trina and Ali's to ask them if they would mind writing a few lines about me. I would like to share those line with everyone and once more thank Trina and Ali for having taken the time and to think back in retrospect a few years later about their wedding photographer!

"...Olivier embodies everything a discerning bride would want. He has a great instinct for capturing candid and tender moments, and he brings out the best in even the most camera-shy guests. Most importantly, Olivier delivers incredible results. He has a great talent for bringing the mood of the day to life again in pictures in a natural, unforced way and follows up with the exquisite printing and layout that make a wedding album not only a treasured keepsake, but a stunning photographic collection. I clearly could not have been happier to have Olivier part of my wedding!..." Trina

"...I cannot say how much we love our wedding photographs. Olivier's photos captured our wedding day both creatively and beautifully. He has a unique artistic style that is very special. Olivier was able to make everyone feel at ease and all of our guests loved him. The quality and artistry of his work is simply excellent and beautiful..." Ali

I am myself soon to get married to Yanique in Paris. We have known each others for the past two years and i have seen our love growing tremendously over time. I now feel blessed because i finally have found the woman of my dreams and i cannot wait to share those many years to come with my princess. Having said that, it is time that i send a little hello to Trina and Ali
and i would love them to may be come and share this wonderful day with me, my family and friends as i believe that photographing Trina's and Ali's wedding created very special bounds.

Trina was wearing a beautiful wedding dress designed by Jane Wilson-Marquis in New York city.

42 East 76th St.
New York, NY 10028
tel: 212 452-5335
fax: 646 383-7822
She is Wonderful. I love her dresses and her british accent.

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Saturday, 6 January 2007

First,get yourself a NICE guy and a talented Photographer

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Posted by Olivier Lalin - First and most important when you start looking for your wedding photographer, is to look for Mr nice Guy. Not only it might be a little extra to have a photographer with a sense of humor but AT THE END OF THE DAY, it will transcend in the images. There is a trend in "wedding terminoligies" today that flavors this style of wedding photography. I must say it doesn't sound right to my ear and it certainly doesn't sound like a lot of Fun either. The idea would be to simply document the wedding from a distance as it rolls in front of a photographers eyes without ever interrupting the flow! My task as a wedding photographer is to capture the moments, all the joy, the tears, the emotions, kisses, bouquets flying high for one thing but i have to move closer, get involved, meet the protagonists, and at times participate and Create moments with the help of the bride and groom, friends and family! In order to do that, you have to be accepted very quickly by everyone. In a way everyone has to love you at first sight, then you gain people's trust. Remember most of us are camera shy
Probably the reason why this wedding photojournalistic trend has attracted so many brides. Regardless, if you look at the image of this couple taken in central park, you might understand where i am getting at. The photo was made possible because i gained the couple's trust. It looks like a photojournalistic approach but it is not in a way as i guided them through a little game we played. And then i captured the moment.

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Wedding Photography - In the beginning

olivier Lalin,weddings,photography, Paris, New York City

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I have been photographing wedding for the past 18 years now. I fall into it almost by chance thanks to a good friend of mine photographer of course, who showed me some wonderful wedding images she had taken in brazil at the time. Her name is Catherine Alonso Krulik. Catherine has been photographing the most beautiful carnavals in brazil since and i have been photographing weddings on all 5 continents.

Now I think it is a good thing to ask your Photographer why and how did he get involved with wedding photography.
Here You can view some of Catherine Krulik's work

Wishing You all a wonderful New Year

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I would like to seize this instant to simply wish every one of you, who may venture through this blog a wonderful new year!
I have a special thought for my Love, Family, my friends i cherish and my Clients who made all those very specials images
full of vibrant memories exist ....