Sunday, 27 January 2008

Bride,Bridesmaids, a wedding in France

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This is one way to approach a group portrait with the bride, her bridemaids, sisters and Father at the chateau des Conde, 45mn from Paris.
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Long Island Sound Wedding

Posted by Olivier Lalin - olivier lalin wedding photographer,wedding photographer Paris,photography in Paris,Paris portrait photographer,New York wedding photographer,photography wedding dress, wedding bouquet, flowers arrangement, photographer  in Paris, color wedding photography, digital wedding photographer Paris, bride in Paris, portrait in Paris, vera wang photographer, vera wang photography Photo of Michele taken in Westport,CT.
Capturing the Instant this is what I do best. A friend of mine, photographer from 20 year says about photography today : Anyone can take a picture, but only someone who really knows what they are doing can make a picture.
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Another Classic wedding photography Look

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Just thinking! This shot seems timeless.It was shot a couple of months ago in the South of France! It felt like everything lead to a 50's photo ambiance: the Tuxedo, the Bride's hair style, the Look of this magnificent car. I had to ask the couple to take the pose and just look at the camera peacefully! Still today this image reminds me of the movie "Casablanca"where Humphrey Bogart played the part of Rick Blaine and Ingrid Bergman the magnificent Ilsa Lund.
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Use of natural light in wedding photography

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I took this bride's portrait at the Essex House, New York. I simply used natural light that was available in the room with two large windows right behind us. My Rolleiflex camera,120 Black and white film - 1/30th sec at f2.

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Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Wedding in Jamaica

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Where would one want to get married in Jamaica!
The Ritz Carlton, Montego Bay is a FABULOUS destination. Winding through the mountains of Jamaica's historic 5,000-acre Rose Hall Plantation, The White Witch Golf Course makes it even more of an ideal wedding destination. The course is carved out of 600 acres of lush greenery and rolling countryside that features panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea from 16 of its 18 holes. Conveniently located just ten minutes from the hotel...

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Sunday, 20 January 2008

Mariage a Paris sur la Seine

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Friday, 18 January 2008

Wedding photography...

Posted by Olivier Lalin - wedding, photography,Nicole+Miller,the+puck+building, photographer, photo, photograph, mariage, casual, group portrait, formals, black and white
This is what I do best . Wedding Photography, I LOVE. It allows me to express myself the way I want, Loose and Free: Just be Creative - This is what my Brides expect from me! Just great work, unique visual, photographs that are going to stand out in their beautiful custom made wedding album. Our Memories cherished for the years to come.
Wedding Photographer in France

The University Club Experience

Posted by Olivier Lalin - the+university+club,venue+new+york, city+wedding+US, interior+venue, new+york+city+club, reception, color+wedding+photography, table+top+wedding+ideas, flower+arrangement

This is my favorite wedding reception site in the big Apple, I love this place!
The University Club of New York, located at 1 West 54th Street at Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York, NY is a private club. It received its charter in 1865, but the origins date back to the autumn of 1861 when a group of college friends, principally Yale alumni, founded the club hoping to extend their collegial ties....

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

The Equinox Resort in Manchester, Vermont

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IT is the season for a week end trip to Vermont and a stay at the Equinox in Manchester.

The Equinox is a wonderful location for seasonal weddings - Here a Black tie portrait of Paul with a snowy Vermont country side in the Background -

Monday, 14 January 2008

New Website is out !

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My new wedding photography website is out. Little fine tuning remains but it is going to look great and I am thrilled. I love the design,simple,interractive and SEO friendly-
Many Thanks to my dear friend Laurent.
I am now looking forward to everyone's comments.

"olivier lalin weddings "

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Nice words from Bob Davis at bella pictures!

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I just read those words this morning written by Bob Davis, chief photographer at bella pictures. He happened to photograph the wedding of Tony Parker in Paris this Summer.
I could relate to every words and I thought I would pass it on.
"...We were so blessed with the opportunity to photograph the
wedding of Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmond's wedding on a private island just off the coast of Bora Bora. I think what's truly amazing is that we were chosen to photograph their wedding. I mean that wholeheartedly. Me, Bob and George, we're just 3
people from a small town. What we've done... is never given up. We
knock on doors all the time, a lot of times the doors close and we
find ourselves knocking again. We never give up on our dreams. We try
very hard to meet and exceed all our clients expectations and then we
keep knocking. If I can give any piece of advise to someone who
asks... it's use whatever resources you have to make your dreams come
true. They are probably not going to just happen, you have to do what
you can to make them happen. Visualize them happening, think
positively, do whatever good you can to move forward and the doors
will open. They've opened for us. And for that we are so appreciative.
We thank God everyday for our blessings! Amen..."

Friday, 4 January 2008

How I couldn't choose my own destination wedding photographer! Our Wedding photos and some wonderful Memories

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I just had a thought about my own Destination wedding, my beautiful wife and our wedding photography total improvisation. I happened to take the pictures as we couldn't find a photographer that "fitted our expectations!"
I know it is crazy ... Regardless, I am so glad Yanique and I took a few photos with a little point and shoot camera I had and time exposure, That's right ...
"For the curious ones...beautiful memories "

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photographe © Olivier Lalin © photographer

My wedding photographic style on location at The Harold Pratt House, New York City

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I have been asked by a client to define my wedding photographic style in a few words- Difficult task and i might tend to use thousands words rather to condense 18 great years of passionate wedding photography on all 5 continents.I just picked 10 photos that I believe visually summarize what wedding photography should be about. I hope You will enjoy looking at those photos as much as I enjoyed taking them at the Wedding of Snezhana and Marco Londoner at "Council of Foreign Relations "aka The Harold Pratt House back in november.

Yichud+Room, jewish+wedding, photographe+mariage+juif,Villa+Kerylos,Christian+Lacroix+couture

wedding,St+Regis,venue+new+york+city,wedding+celebration,wedding+ceremony, Black+White+wedding+photo

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photographe © Olivier Lalin © photographer

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Turning a page on 2007 and Looking forward to another excellent New Year

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I just got back to Paris for a little while - Have spent the New Year with my wife, my new born son and family in Normandy - It has been a magnificent Year indeed both professionally and in my personal life. Lots of Travels, interesting projects, Great weddings in the US and Europe -
Then I did get married in Jamaica in March and Pierre is now a month old.
I have just looked at my mail and already i have wedding queries for 2008 as well as a couple of interesting shoots coming up- I am Blessed really....
Looking forward to spending more time with the people I cherish as well as making new friends -
My Brides have been wonderful! Blink to Pia, Kira, Melanie, Karen, Kimberly, Susan, Andrea, Laura, Marie, Francesca and everyone else.
Just a Big HUG and very much looking forward to more Adventures. Back in New York Soon.
And by the way, I am now on Facebook.
more later