Tuesday, 28 October 2008

My Paris and a walk through Tuillerie garden

This is my Paris, the city I Love.
Nothing beats it, I still fall under its charm every time I go out for a promenade. I have just finished editing a video I filmed a few weekends ago. I was wandering through the gardens of the Tuillerie on a sunday, late in the afternoon. I do take my clients there for some fun & classy portrait photography from time to time.
Lucky enough, it is a few steps away from my studio. Every time is a different feeling,
the change of seasons, the subtleties of the light always make it a unique experience.
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Thursday, 23 October 2008

Preparation of a bride in Paris

I have just put together a little video of the getting ready of one of my bride.
This is a little wink to my hair and make up team in Paris.
Brigitte and Tina Kancel for hair; wonderful to have you around and very much looking forward to our next wedding.
Let it be soon!
Oh, by the way the bride was Late but that is quite normal.

All of the visuals from this Blog have Copyright and are not made for other bloggers
to feed their pages without linking back to the source, THANKS !

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You can view more of my wedding Portfolio at
"Wedding photographer France"

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Oscar de la Renta wedding dress

Just a last photo of Deirdre wearing her beautiful Oscar de la Renta wedding dress.
The photo was taken right in front of Bertillon on the Isle St Louis. Best Ice cream in Paris
with the most beautiful afternoon lights over Notre Dame!

And a thank you note from my bride that always warm my heart.

"... Olivier,

We just returned and are a bit dazed from the 2 day trip home. India was spectacular, and the Maldives were paradise. It was the perfect honeymoon.

The first thing we did upon our arrival in the States was to view the slideshow. We were blown away! I cannot tell you how much we love the photos. I knew you would do an amazing job, but you far exceeded my expectations. I have now viewed the slideshow countless times and every time am moved to tears which are then replaced by the hugest smile. Not only were you able to capture the beauty of Paris and the spirit and emotion of the day but also our personalities. I was concerned that spending over 3 hours taking pictures would be tedious but you put us at ease and made it delightfully fun. Everyone has been talking about how wonderful you are and how lucky I was to find you and I couldn't agree more! We are over the moon and eternally grateful.

We hope to see you again either in Paris or New York very soon.

All of my love to Pierre.

A bientot!

Deirdre ... "

My Friend Brigitte Beling

I have just listened to "Inspired By You", a new song by Brigitte Beling- She happens to be a friend, a talented make up artist, resides in Paris and has a wonderful voice. Brigitte has just released her new CD. You can listen to her music on Brigitte Beling, My Space or Weelbe. Buy her Music, it is going to cheer everyone up over the national TV debate of Mac Cain & Obama tonight !

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Trash the dress in Paris!

It is commonly called "Trash the Dress" in the U.S - Somehow, I do not feel the expression would do much justice to my photography. Paris is a beautiful backdrop to go out and spend a few hours with a bride who wants to take her wedding dress out of the draw one last time. It is a great opportunity for some wonderful portraits that you did not have the chance to do during your wedding day. IT is fun, relaxing, may be daring and always classic & Chic!

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You can view more of my wedding Portfolio at
"Wedding photographer France"

Monday, 13 October 2008

Simple French wedding bouquet

A simple French, Elegant wedding bouquet that Miho chose for her wedding a couple of weeks back.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Opera entertainment at Chateau d'ermenonville

I would like to share this little video that we filmed at chateau d'Ermenonville a few weeks back- For anyone looking at hiring opera singers to spice up your diner, those guys rock!

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

A wedding photographer in Paris, c'est moi!

I do hope that you will all enjoy this little " About me " wedding video -
It made me laugh indeed as well as quite a few friends :)
It is about a wedding photographer who doesn't take himself too seriously
and obviously loves his job -

and a few words we have just received from Anna who is featured on the video

"... Hi Olivier

Just a quick note to thank you and Audrey for the most wonderful video.
We've watched it so many times - it makes us laugh and cry at the same
time! We particularly like the bit of my Dad at the end - very funny!
And the dancing scenes really captured the moment.

Please pass my thanks to Audrey.

Perhaps our paths will cross again - I will certainly recommend your
services to anyone looking for a photographer or videographer in France.

Best wishes to you.

Anna Mann ..."

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You can view more of my wedding Portfolio at
"Wedding photographer France"

Monday, 6 October 2008

French countryside wedding

A few images of Miho and Olivier's wedding at chateau st. Julien, located near Poitier in the Poitou region. You can view a larger slideshow @ French countryside wedding
You can purchase a copy of the DVD going to Miho and Olivier's SlideShow - as well as email the DVD to friends and Family, browse the photo gallery, order picture as well as DVD's and Digital download for your MPEG-4 IPod video.
You can access the web gallery entering the bride's and groom family names directly @ olivier Lalin Weddings.

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You can view more of my wedding Portfolio at
"Wedding photographer France"

D700 and wedding photography

I have just purchased the new D700 a few weeks ago - have been testing it on a few jobs already and it simply rocks! Finally starting to fully enjoy digital photography. I was just about to buy the D3 and thank God I spoke to my dear friend Laurent who advised me against it - I have no regrets. It is a smaller body, holds perfectly well in my hands, 12.1-megapixel FX-format (23.9 x 36mm) - Everything i have been dreaming of and more. It is the perfect tool for a photo-journalist, reportage, wedding photographer. Well , I just rave about it but I am really exited to look at the images on my screen! It is the best thing Nikon has come up with in a long time.
Here is the best review around comparing the D700 to the D3 Nikon camera .

Sunday, 5 October 2008

wedding at the Chateau st. Julien

I have just returned from the "chateau st. Julien" where I was photographing a wedding over the week end ! The ch√Ęteau lies in the center of the Poitou, a culturally rich but largely undiscovered region of west-central France that abounds in history, good food and clean air. I will post a slide show later on this week once I have processed some 2,000 photos -

New York City Chapel of Love

While I lived in New York city, I photographed a few of my friends " intimate wedding affair " at the " New York City Chapel of Love " or rather the Manhattan marriage bureau at city hall. " The setting was a warren of offices on the second floor of the Municipal Building, its hallways lined with cracked tile floors, fading yellow walls and dim fluorescent lighting, where city employees have been giving true love a brief, secular send-off since 1916 " says the NY times article I have just read this morning. Nicole Bengiveno , a New York times photographer, documented a Day and a Life of the Marriage bureau at city hall before its closure. The photots are great and brought back wonderful memories!
New York City Chapel of Love