Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Internet Scam on Wedding photographer

For Photographers :
This is an email I've received recently by a client named "Peter Roshimi" - being approached by a Travel Agency in Tokyo a while back - They were supposedly looking for a Photographer in France for some 17 weddings.
At the same time, I received another query by the name of "Paul Scott Ledeen" wondering whether I would be available to photograph a family reunion at the "Chateau de Nandy", which I love!! Both were scammers and the same person so we eventually found out.
Beware Photographer- This is the second time this month and we have spent a lot of efforts answering all of those emails before we realized that we were being scammed!! I must say both queries seemed rather serious until we received this ridiculous e-mail below.
More info on American Society of Media Photographers
We are simply going to have to be a bit more cautious by now on

"...Dear Sir,
I just receive a confirmation regarding the payment send to you on my behalf -by my friend in Dublin, and i was surprise to see that she mistakenly send you money meant for 3 other photographers.

She have mistakenly send all the money to you.

I arranged with my friend who was in Dublin for 6 days convention to help me send the payment to you in Euro, because i only have Japanese Yen Cheque, and Yen Cheque from Japan will take little long to reach you, that was why i arranged with my friend who was in Dublin for 6 day convention -to help me send the payment to you in Euro Cheque.

But she have mistakenly send all the money to you (another payment meant for 3 other photographer -she send all to you).

She have already mail/post the cheque to you. she is not around to re-organise another cheque she have departed Dublin to Canada for another convention.

Besides, the bank said that the Cheque is irrevocable and is insured for 3 months - it is insured against theft, stolen, lost in transit. And the cheque cannot be cancel, or to re-issue another one till 3 months time).

So what i kindly want you to do for me -is as soon as you cash the cheque, please help me forward the surplus amount to the other 3 Photographers also there in Europe.

As soon as you receive the Irrevocable Cheque and cash it, please take out/deduct your fees. And I will then email you instruction which you will use to forward the surplus amount to the other 3 photographers there.

The amount is 8,500 Euro Irrevocable Cheque.

Thanks, and please dont let me down.

Update me when you receive it.
Peter Roshimi ..."

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