Friday, 25 July 2008

Super 8 Wedding video in Paris

Just LOVE this little super 8 jewel !

For anyone that has two passions in Life : " Paris and Photography," I have just read a NY Times article on the Paris photo Art Fair.

And a little comment from a bride about my Hometown Paris !
" Dear Olivier,
We love our photos! And our friends and family have been RAVING about them too. The photos are such a nice reminder of our special day, and of the wonderful team of people (like yourself) whom we spent it with.
Last, but not least, you were absolutely correct....Venice, Italy is no match for Paris!! We never forgot what you said when we were comparing the most beautiful cities in the world and you said "Venice? Venice is two blocks". Having finally been to Venice, we now have no doubt that your hometown is the most beautiful city in the world!"
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