Friday, 14 August 2009

To propose in Paris

I have just received this little email yesterday from a potential client. I couldnt resist sharing it with some of you who are not hanging at the beach right now ! Very sweet ... I have the chance
to meet wonderful people with photography. I very much hope that I will be fortunate enough to
meet those guys when they come to Paris.
Fingers crossed, he will propose if not I will !

photographe mariage paris, destination wedding photographer
" ... I just found your blog and saw the photos of the couple that got engaged at the Eiffel Tower (beautiful!). It got me thinking...
So, I know this is a long shot, but my boyfriend and I are going to be in Paris 26th-30th of August. I think we might be getting engaged. And by "think we might," I mean I really, really hope he is going to propose on this trip, but I have no hard evidence that it's going to happen. But seriously, we've been together 6 years, we own a home together, what could be more romantic than getting engaged in PARIS?!? ..."

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Photographe Mariage Paris France