Wednesday, 2 April 2008

eco friendly wedding ideas

Glide down the aisle in a wedding dress made from natural,
eco-friendly fibres
such as organic cotton, fair trade silk or hemp. Vintage attire is another fashionable option so you might want to go up Grand'ma attic. This would be the first place I would search ! In case you've tried that already, the dress is no where to be seen and you had once contemplated doing it yourself - I came across a company named "Style en Aiguille". You are guided along during a Wedding workshop in Paris in realizing you dream wedding dress!
Interesting concept ..
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Eco Friendly, Fair Trade, Sustainable, Organic, Green Wedding Flowers make a large impact on your wedding day. Lets share some tips on how to have eco friendly wedding flowers.

Portovert is an interesting Eco Friendly wedding site "made in UK" with a cool informative blog

Eco-friendly wedding confetti
For the socially conscious bride and groom, this eco-friendly wedding confetti is water soluble and biodegradable...
Monique Pean eco sensitive jewelery making
Monique collaborated with the Alaska native Artists to create her fine jewelry collection. She uses 100% recycle gold. Her goal is to raise awareness of the dirty mining of precious metals. I think her work is quite stunning.

Make your wedding an " ethical wedding " and There are many Ethical charity wedding gift list and registry. African Dowry is a charity wedding gift list which enables couples to raise money for FARM-Africa as part of their wedding celebrations.
And a very Cool blog I came upon recently on your "Chic Eco friendly wedding."

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