Thursday, 17 April 2008

Wedding photography workshop in Paris

I have been asked a few times whether I would consider teaching a Wedding photographic workshop in Paris - I guess the time has simply come !
We are putting together a three days workshop for photographers who start a career in the wedding business. The workshop is about portrait photography and weddings and more specifically about the techniques used to create beautiful moments with a couple who is not used to have their portrait taken, on location- We will use the streets of Paris as a backdrop.
Olivier will re-create a real life photo shoot with a wedding couple- and introduce you to his wedding vision that he has been developing for the past 20 years.
We have decided to stay small and do workshop with a maximum of 4 participants over a three days period. We will go over the whole workflow process, from getting set up to processing the raw files using bridge and photoshop. We will go through the use of natural light, Flash, techniques with reflectors as well as use of mix lighting. We will consider location set ups as well as the ways to establish this special relationship with the bride.
The workshop is opened to photographers using digital imageries and wanting to sharpen their wedding skills and techniques.
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