Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Wedding photographer Doug Mc Goldrick

I have decided to show wedding photographer's work that I do find inspiring, every couple of weeks. There is a lot of quite beautiful wedding photography out there.It is not necessarily what a bride will look at when doing some research for a wedding photographer though. Main stream wedding photography that you would commonly fall upon on the web is not always the most compelling to a professional photographer's eye. We're constantly visually bombarded by the same stereotyped images and Style of wedding photography that unfortunately is now commonly imitated by a lot of Photographers today.
I shall keep away from that to show you wedding photography with a Style, an edge, self-identity and real beauty which is a rare thing.

I would like to introduce Doug Mc Goldrick who is a Documentary style wedding photographer based from Chicago. Great eye and sensibility and a lot of Joy as well as humanity in his wedding images.I love the way he processes some of his color work. The images have a 60's super8 video look at times. Reminds me of the films shot by my grandfather that I loved so much! It is very inspiring and It was real nice to look at Doug Mc Goldrick's work just now. Please go and spend a few minutes going through Doug's site.
Some really stylish work!

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photographe © Olivier Lalin © photographer
view site at weddinglight.com