Monday, 14 April 2008

rehearsal dinner in new york

Rehearsal dinner in New York and 5 tips given away by my dear Friend Sofia Crokos in the latest New York magazine
wedding issue ( who I do not see as much as I would love to! )
Sofia where are You ?

1- The Harrison: “I love their private wine-cellar dining room because of its intimate and classic feel. They have this long rustic table that up to twenty guests can sit surrounded by the extensive wine collection. Their cuisine is always a big hit as well.”

2- Gilt Restaurant at the New York Palace Hotel: “When you enter into Gilt, through the courtyard of the Palace, the first thing you experience is the amazing bar. I love the combo of Gilded Age meets chic modern. If you want to experience a wonderful location, exceptional service, and a gastronomic meal, this is a best bet.”

3- The Private Penthouse at Barneys New York: “One of New York’s best-kept secrets. The room where you can host your dinner has these great French doors that lead to
a small veranda, making you feel like you’re over-looking an arrondissement in Paris.”
Which one I might just say !

4- Hotel Giraffe: Dinner can be held inside the Penthouse Piano Suite, which comes equipped with a baby grand. They also have a beautiful outdoor-garden space where everyone can congregate for a quick cocktail hour.”

My Heart would definitely go for the Harrison. It does have an incredible wine list and it brings back wonderful memories of two years spent in Tribeca. I do love the Gilt at the Palace because of its classic New York feel though.

And last here is another of my favorite. "21 Club"
Once a glamorous speakeasy, today '21' is one of the most celebrated restaurants in New York City. Classic, Chic and full of History!

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