Sunday, 4 March 2007

Picture of the Week

Posted by Olivier Lalin -
And a few words around Jewish Dances: Keitzad Merakdim (Hebrew for "How do we dance?"

It is traditional to dance around the bride and groom while they are seated, and to clown around while we dance to make them laugh. If you let the band know this, they will help get it going. Let your wedding party also know what you want. Any old freilach (Yiddish style) or hora (Israeli style) music will do for any of these dances.
Chair Dance -
This is to make you a king and queen by enthroning you on flying thrones. You will need a cloth napkin or scarf to hold hands (if you try to hold hands, you will pull the light one off the chair!). Also women can hold up the bride's chair as men do the groom's chair. Make sure your best person and/or the biggest, tallest, strongest person is in the front of the chair, keeping it tipped back. Then you won't fall out!!
Krenzl Dance -
If either of you is the last one in your family to be married your parents merit a krenzl (crownlet) dance! The bride and groom put floral wreaths on their heads and seat them in the middle of the room and lead everyone in a dance around them just as everyone danced around you. That makes them a king and queen. If both sets of parents merit this, do them together.
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