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Three Bouquets and five NYC stars of Flower arrangements and decor

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Santa Monica

Simply because it is valentine's day soon. And I've come up with a list of flower places I know. Let's place our orders!

Michael George Flowers
701 First Ave.
Midtown East
Monochromatic drama on a grand scale, from a master of the floral arts.

122 W. 26th St.
Luis Collazo used to work by appointment only for fancies like Brooke Astor and Thierry Mugler. Now anyone can buy his exotic flowers in classic combinations.
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Zeze flowers
398 52nd St.
Hell's Kitchen
You'll feel like you are in the south of France, inside this little brick house--and in the very best company.

Belle fleur, NY
134 Fifth Ave. 4th fl
Fashion editors adore the tidy arrangements in rich colors that often arrive on their desks from this shop.

l'Olivier Flowers
213 W 14 At 7th Ave
New York, New York 10001
Olivier Giugni can do with flowers what Jean-George does with food. He creates absolute masterpieces that are a treasure to behold. Every arrangement is unique - the flowers in perfect condition, and the designs gorgeous.

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