Tuesday, 20 February 2007

The Core !

Posted by Olivier Lalin

I read a post a few days ago from a well respected photographer from the west coast: Mike Colon. It was titled "tunnel vision" and he talked about perspective and priorities in one's life, in his own words.I really enjoyed reading it, probably because i could very well relate to what he had to say. Then, words from a Friend's wife came to my mind just now. They have beautiful twins and she talked about her daughters. She simply said "It is all happiness"- Well, all i can say about my career and my life is that it has only been happiness.I am very grateful. I feel blessed! I do - It hasn't been an all easy ride but i love my work. I am so glad I shoot weddings and am so much looking forward to photograph many more. For younger photographers, piece of advice may be : Love what you do first then share it with others. Take risk, forget everything you've learnt and try new things, experiment and most important learn from your mistakes... And let me tell you, wedding photography is great - Because i am a photographer and i am better with images then words...Just enjoy and be happy-

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