Tuesday, 13 February 2007

A train journey with Bob Dylan Chronicles

I was getting on a train this morning with, in my pocket, a Book that a friend had lent me a few days before: Bob Dylan, Chronicles - I'd much rather take the train then flying- I like looking out of the windows at landscape passing by.
Only this time, I got caught up and am just about to jump on a train again in the morning to finish this amazing book.
The book portrays bob Dylan at the extremes of his career. On one page it's 1961. He's a young man making a call from a phone booth in New York City, waiting for his shot at fame. On another, it's the mid-1980s, and he's a burned-out rock star who can no longer feel the power of his own songs. What an incredible path for someone who just wanted to sing Folk song!
Bob Dylan is just a regular guy who happens to be a poetic genius. This immensely readable though unorthodox work reveals a humility, respect and humanity that is quite touching. Dylan's story shows him embracing an amazing variety of music, people and viewpoints, some quite eye-opening. Whether it is hanging out with Tiny Tim in his early Village years; singing for John Wayne on a movie set; listening to Harry Belafonte records; or as a youngster singing at a county fair in Minnesota, coming eye to eye with the 50's wrestler Gorgeous George - Dylan's life experiences are surely eclectic.
I 've just listened to "license to Kill" and now "Sara" that i love and "I'll be your baby tonight". For the younger generation, you should indulge if you have not yet!

You might want to check Bob Dylan Updates. He will performs at The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival Friday April 28th.
As to his book, here is the link to amazon in case you Hop on a train.