Friday, 9 February 2007

Irvin Penn, Master Photographer

Posted by Olivier Lalin -

This blog is about one of my favorite photographer and the main reason why i decided to take on photography after having seen an Irvin Penn Retrospective in London in 1987.
In 1953, Penn opens his own commercial studio and almost immediately became one of the most influencial and successful advertizing photographer in the world. Penn has always favoured the rigidly controlled, formal conditions in the studio. Thus, even when photographying North African nomads, New Guinea tribesmen, Peruvian indians, or Hell's angels, Penn contrived portable studios that permitted much the same degree of elegant and structured lighting and composition that he used to photograph fashion models and socialites.
Penn is turning 90 this year and still produce images from his NYC atelier.

here is a link to a few of Irvin Penn Books for future Collectors

The Hand of Miles Davis, New York, 1986, Copyright 1986 by Irving Penn

One of my favorite books that i found at Barnes and Noble

Another Great Book From Penn