Sunday, 18 February 2007

Kids don't have to smile and tips on natural light

Posted by Olivier Lalin -

Most of those pictures, apart from a couple actually have been shot natural light and no flash.I just thought about it looking at those kids images. As a matter of fact, i am often asked whether i use flash. As much as i can, i will try not to. There is nothing wrong with flash though. Only if you have natural light available, I reckon you have the best available at hand, it is simply a matter of studying it, understanding what light does, Use and abuse of it and don't kill it with flash. Natural light gives images volume, it enhances the shapes of forms.
A little tip for photographers. I use four or five cameras. Half are with flash (on TTL) and the rest without. This way, i won t have to think about switching the flash on or off which is a waste of time when you count in seconds + you don't make the mistake to think the flash is on when it is off and vice versa.
more on the use of flash in a latter blog!

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