Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Wedding Photo-journalist Association of America

Posted by Olivier Lalin -

I am a member of the Wedding Photo-journalist Association of America ! I have seen it Grow to become a worldwide organization. I mention it because i read those few lines this morning taken from the WPJA site.

"... The traditional photographer is more apt to mingle with the crowd, talk to people, and interact. It's his or her personality,” he charges. “The documentary photographer is more of an observer, watching people react and interact.”
It’s that observing eye that captures the reality of a wedding — the real moments that you’ll remember years later when flipping through your photos. Does he think that’s a trend? “I believe there is beauty and art in reality,” he says simply..."

Only, i tend to feel that a Good wedding photographer doesn't fall into little boxes that trends, Wedding magazines such as Bride's and the photographer themselves seem to believe in - I would just say that a great wedding photographer is a multi task, talented professional at ease with a crowd, moving in and standing back at appropriate moment as situations require.
There is something else out there - rather then a condensed / cliche version of " The traditional photographer " versus " The documentary photographer " when it comes to wedding photography - I ll just call him " The GREAT wedding photographer "
for now !! I do know a few ...

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